Who we are

HelpAge is an international network of organisations dedicated to achieving the right to social security so that all people can enjoy a dignified and secure older age.

Pension watch supports this aim by working towards universal pension coverage in developing countries. Our team of social protection experts engage with governments, academics, donors, the UN and civil society to make income security for older people and their families a reality.

How we work

Read more about the approaches we use to achieve social pensions for older people.

We have an evidence-based and integrated approach to our pensions work.

Find out how we work to achieve social pensions for older people.

Our global team

Find out about our team of experts working all over the world.

HelpAge has social protection advisers in all regions of the world.

Find out more about our social protection team and their expertise.

Pension watch blog

Download our social pensions database

Our social pensions database has the latest data on over 100 social pension schemes around the world.

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