Database notes

Data Sources

Data Source
"Population 60+", "Share 60+" UN Population Division
"Poverty rate" World Bank: World Development Indicators
US$ conversion The Universal Currency Converter
"% population 60+ covered" HelpAge calculations based on UN Population Division data and recipient numbers. 
"% of GDP per Capita" HelpAge calculations based on IMF: World Economic Outlook Database
PPP$ conversion
"% of poverty line"
"Total cost (% of GDP)"

Note on coverage rates

Population data from the UN Population Division, alongside recipient numbers, is used to calculate the percentage of the population aged 60 and over covered. Coverage rates of above 100 per cent are either the result of innacuracies in population data or reflect pensions being recieved by those aged under 60.

Note on the poverty line

The International Poverty Line is set at PPP$1.25 a day according to the latest estimations from the World Bank