Social pensions database

HelpAge's social pensions database gathers information from a range of sources and draws on the knowledge of our worldwide team of social protection experts.

It has data on over 100 social pension schemes running across the globe in low, middle and high-income countries.

This information is summarised in the country fact files, accessible via our interactive map

This version is from 25/03/15. 

Click here to download a more detailed database - with full referencing and country select tool

This database will be particularly useful for researchers and policy makers working within social protection to compare the characteristics of different pension schemes.

The database is a living document that will grow as more information is gathered. If you have additional information on any of the schemes listed, please email

Previous versions of the database

22nd August 2014

29th October 2013

17th September 2012

This edition includes information on schemes in Mozambique, Papua New Guinea (regional) and Nigeria (regional).

7 June 2012

This edition provided minor edits and corrections to the 24 April 2012 version (see below). Also includes information on pension schemes in Guatemala, Malaysia, Mexico (regional scheme) and Nigeria (regional scheme).

26 April 2012

This edition provided a comprehensive update of the previous version of the database (23 June 2011) as well as adding information on fourteen more social pensions. These programmes are based in Armenia, Austria, Colombia, Guyana, Hungary, Indonesia, Peru, Portugal, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda (Pilot) and Venezuela.

23 June 2011

26 April 2011

22 November 2010

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